Asec Kite Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder 40-40 NI 

High security locks available for added piece of mind…..

Asec, a security product brand which is sold exclusively through Aldridge Security, the leading distributors of security products is launching a brand new anti-snap range of cylinders and door handles.

2012 saw the national media highlight the rise of ‘lock snapping’ burglaries across the country. Criminals using the ‘lock snapping’ technique apply excessive force and snap the lock cylinder in two. With this increase there has been an industry response to help combat the growing problem.

The new Asec Kite anti-snap range includes cylinders offering a TS 007 1 Star rating, which will give protection and reassurance to end users. The cylinders which are anti-snap, anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill are compliant with the BS Kitemark to guarantee quality and safety.

In addition to the cylinders the range includes security door handles which have a TS 007 2 Star rating. When combining the cylinders and door furniture the Star rating increases to 3 Star providing the ultimate protection and ensuring the highest security.

Ainsley Hawkins, Commercial Director of Aldridge Security explains that the addition of the Kite range to the Asec brand will offer customers a quality solution at a price which is competitive to everyone: “It was important for us to produce a product that meets the highest market requirements yet remains both high quality and price sensitive.”

The Euro cylinders, which are available in Key & Turn, Half Euro and Key & Key, are compliant to the British Standard BS EN 1303:2005, to offer greater flexibility and increased keying alike options, non Kitemarked Rim & Screw in cylinders are also available.

The British Standard gives the Kite range extra security to help prevent ‘lock snapping’ and ‘lock bumping’ as Ainsley explains: “We are extremely excited to be able to offer our Customers both a 1 Star and combined 3 Star solution under the new Asec Kite range of products.

The cylinders provide the highest grade of durability as well as the greatest corrosion and temperature resistance. In addition they are Grade 1 fire resistant making the cylinders ideal for use on fire doors.”

For prices and fitting please give us a call…..

Security for the future – the padlocks of the TITALIUM™ range

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TITALIUM™ padlocks, from security specialist ABUS, represent a new dimension in security. Made from an innovative material, they represent high security at a significantly reduced weight.

The TITALIUM™ material is a special aluminium alloy that uniquely combines a high level of torsion with lightness. Like in the aircraft industry, with TITALIUM™, ABUS is concentrating on two fundamental qualities: maximum strength and low weight. This contemporary material implementation is reflected in the design of the products: TITALIUM™ series padlocks all feature an impressive stainless steel like finish.

TITALIUM™ – A New Generation of Padlocks


The new TITALIUM™ range is the new reference for padlocks. With approximately 30% reduced weight compared to traditional brass padlocks with at least the same level of security, the TITALIUM™ lock series becomes an attractive alternative.

There are many applications where reliable security but also weight is significant – when travelling, mobile situations or for securing goods in transit. TITALIUM™ series represents a new generation of secure, innovative padlocks.

The TITALIUM™ series of padlocks stands out with three product series offering various sizes for individual security requirements. With the flagship 80TI series, the main 64TI range and the entry-level 54TI series, ABUS offers a versatile range of security solutions for both personal and commercial applications.

The family is rounded off with the 90RK/50 close shackle service lock.

TITALIUM™ – Strong, lightweight, innovative

Brisant Secure

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Lock Snapping
Standard euro cylinder door locks which secure the vast majority of homes in the UK have a major weakness that can allow quick and quiet access within 15 seconds – what’s more worrying is that this can be done with simple everyday DIY tools.

The weakness in standard euro profile cylinders has been known by both locksmiths and lock manufacturers for many years, a prominent locksmith went public in the newspapers with the problem in 2006, due to occurrences of burglars using this technique.

“Lock Snapping” has become the preferred method of attack against many UK homes. Recent BBC reports have highlighted a significant increase in the number of burglaries using this technique and Police crime statistics indicate that approx 27% of all Burglaries in some areas involved snapping of Euro cylinder locks.

What is the problem?

The principle of “Lock Snapping” is simple – apply enough force to the cylinder and it will break at the fixing point. Once broken, the burglar has access to the internal working of the multi-point lock or dead lock, the most vulnerable part of your door and within a few seconds, can open the door. Thieves have taken advantage of this and in very little time can get in to a property. They are often looking for quick access to car keys and are willing to access alarmed properties due to the speed of access.

This method has been known for many years but relevant bodies had refrained from alerting the public but now due to growth in this method of attack many police forces, standards agencies and manufacturers are making the public aware.

Many locksmiths and “experts” will tell you “if the cylinder lock does not stick out past the handle then you have nothing to worry about”.  With  numerous discussions we have had with the Police, Locksmiths, Crime reduction officers and victims of lock snapping, in the majority of cases the burglar rips the handles of any way. The screw attack becoming more common, also makes the “doesn’t stick out past the handle” argument irrelevant too.

Hoppe (UK) Secured by design…..

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HOPPE (UK), the manufacturer synonymous with innovation, quality and performance in hardware for the window and door and architectural sectors, is excited to offer fabricators the most innovative handle on the market – developed to meet and exceed the latest PAS24 standard.Picture

“Not only does our latest handle satisfy the considerations for holding an SBD licence, but also has been deliberately designed to be a visible deterrent such as the more angular back plate – to encourage opportunistic burglars to walk on by. The new PAS 24 product incorporates three new innovative features. The new patent pending fixing bolt, quick-fit levers which effectively clamp the inner and outer backplate together and the specially designed profile edges on the outer face plate which all work together to ensure that repeatable consistent pass results are achieved.
“Of the 1 million burglaries and attempted burglaries every year in the UK, most are committed by opportunist thieves who are successful because they gain access to the cylinder. The visual deterrent offered by HOPPE’s door handles deliberately engineered in protective furniture plays an important role in preventing such opportunists. This, combined with the strength of the Quick Fit spindle and fixing bolt, provides a much more secure fixing once fitted. While meeting and even exceeding security standards should be top of your list of requirements from your hardware supplier, so too should be the need of the end user – and the new HOPPE handle has it all taken care of.”
PAS 24 is recognised by Secured By Design as a method of testing a door set assembly to the minimum level of security. Tests are carried out on a complete door set in its frame with identified points of attack within the specification. Security professionals highlight the cylinder as a vulnerable part of a doorset, including the surrounding hardware that operates a mortised or multipoint locking mechanism.


What we think :

We love this handle the smooth lines and engineering of the handles is fab. They are stylish and secure, they come in satin alloy effect and satin gold  - have one fitted today !

Welcome to our new website

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Well we finally got around to commisioning someone to create our new website and here it is. Thanks go to our friends over at Lakeland PC for their time and effort.