Domestic & Commercial

We supply and fit many different types of locks from traditional to modern. The main issue we all face are making sure our homes and place of business is secure and that we are covered by our home insurer.

PLEASE NOTE: most houses do not conform to insurance standards It isĀ important to check your locks are of the required standard, it saves you money in the long term as insurance companies may not cover a break-in where locks have been substandard.

If in doubt we can check your locks for you with a free Security Check we’ll check all your doors and windows etc and recommend the most effecient soloutions to secure your property.


Below is our take on insurance company requirements:-

Minimum home security.

Here is a full definition of the type of locks you should have installed on all exit doors and accessible windows. If any doors and/or windows fail to meet these standards you should really think about having the relevant locks fitted.

Windows, fanlights and rooflights.

All windows, fanlights and rooflights that can be accessed without the use of a ladder, and that can be opened, should be fitted with key-operated window locks.

Final exit door (main entrance door).

Should be fitted with a mortice deadlock of at least five levers or rim deadlock conforming to British Standard BS 3621. There should be a Kite Mark on the lock edge with the BS3621 stamped on it.