Master Keyed Systems

Master Keyed Systems Terminology

Master Key Systems offer control of movement of people within a building or a group of buildings; it effectively gives access to agreed areas for certain people and denies them access to others. Whereas the Master Key holder has access to all areas.  A popular example of this would be a hotel or Guest House, all visitors would have a single key to give them access to the main front door and their individual rooms but no one else´s room, and the cleaning staff would have a Master Key that opens all the rooms, meaning they only carry one key and not a large bundle.


A Simple Master System

This could be used in a small block of flats for instance with a communal front door and 4 individual apartments, the residents would need a key that worked the communal door and their individual apartment, but no one else´s apartment, whereas the Landlord or Managing Agent would have a Master Key, giving access to all properties.


Hotel, Guest House or Bed & Breakfast

Master key suites are ideal for these situations where a paying guest can be given up to three keys to your property with the front door, inner porch door and then the bedroom. Having a master keyed system simplifies the process of access and is a cost effective way of reducing lost key replacements.

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